Surrogacy Ukraine is one of the subsidiaries of the ‘Become Parents Group’ which is one of the world’s best and most ‘Ethical Surrogacy Agency’. We are based out of the Kiev city and our parent company ‘Become Parents’ was established in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since then, we have helped 600+ couples across the globe to realize their dreams of becoming parents with the help of IVF, Surrogacy and Egg Donation.

We look forward to arrange only altruistic surrogacy arrangements for our IPs while working with the sole motive of making their ‘surrogacy journey’ emotionally rewarding, without any unwanted issues. To make the same possible,, we back the Intended Parents (IP) with all the right support and guidance on their way through to their surrogacy journey; right from the first point of contact till they take the baby home! Whilst our founders being a former IPs themselves, we truly understand the pain and stress you carry along the whole journey.

This is why our surrogacy agency offers an economical all inclusive packages while providing the most specialized services and treatments alongside. Our surrogates and egg donors solely belong to Ukraine and goes through pre-defined health screenings and counseling sessions. Moreover, Ukraine has witnessed a big growth in the number of IVF clinics around the country in the past few years.

We have further tied up with the most renowned IVF clinics around the Kiev city which have made their mark in the Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy over the past few years. Our headquarters are located in the heart of the Kiev city and we have further outreached to over 5 countries (Bangkok, Mumbai, Barcelona, Melbourne, LA and Tel Aviv).

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