Why Choose Us

Surrogacy Ukraine is one fo the most renowned name in the Surrogacy world across the globe and whilst its headquarters are based outside the Kiev city, it has helped more than 500 couples worldwide in getting their Parenting dreams realized with the help of Surrogacy, egg donation and IVF services.

Besides having our main office based outside the city, we have our global outreach to almost all the major cities like Bangkok, Mumbai, Barcelona, Melbourne, Cape Town, Seoul and Tel Aviv. R Surrogacy agencies across the globe, we always ensure proper accommodation and care for all the Surrogates at every step of their Surrogacy journey.

Our main motive always remain to offer hassle free experience to all the intended parents during their Surrogacy journey and w always ensure getting everything on board to ensue the same in process. The process further includes getting the appropriate surrogate mother, selecting the right Egg donor, and taking care of your whole trip along with getting only the best and most “ethical” legal advice for our clients in the process. Whilst our founders being an intended parent themselves in the past, we understand all the pain and stress you go through in the process.

We have further partnered with some of the bets IVF clinics and Surrogacy agencies around the Kiev city to ensure only the best and most satisfying services on board for all the intended parents.

Satisfaction of our clients is our biggest Priority

Here at Surrogacy Ukraine, we always work with the common notion of serving only the best to our clients in accordance to their needs and requirements.

Budget Friendly services

We understand that Money always play a big role in making and breaking of certain plans and thus ensure of bringing the Customized budget friendly packages to best serve your needs in the process.

Locally based offices

Whilst we have our partnered clinics based within the Kiev city, we understand the local culture and life more than anyone else and therefore take utmost care of your needs and preferences while providing the best services for all your requirements.

High quality Surrogates

All the surrogates are being picked by our IVF specialist panel and only then get forwarded to you for further consideration. Moreover, we always take care of including all the Social , ethical and mental preferences required by you while screening the surrogates.

Best Industry professionals on board for your service

Apart from top notch surrogacy services, we ensure to include all the best psychological, insurance, financial and legal professionals around the globe to join us in getting the best out of your Surrogacy journey without any Inconvenience or Legal Implication.

Our expectation from our clients

We are more than happy to include all your pre-requisites in accordance to the Surrogate required as per your needs and preferences. Moreover, the surrogates we brought ton board comes on board with checked past pregnancy records, insurance policies, a letter of good health issued by their respective doctor along with all the medical and psychological screening required in the process.

Proper Background check for the Surrogates

We further ensure to do all the required background checks for the Surrogates we brought on board for your requirements. This gets done specifically after getting them evaluated for any health or Psychological implication.

Backed by 12 years of experience and Industry Knowledge

Our Director Mr. Gaurav Wankhede comes from an extensive educational background and has previously experienced ample success in various other businesses before founding Bangkok Surrogacy. Therefore, you can always expect only the best and knowledge based solution from a center with proven success in various Business solutions.