PGD for Genetic Screening

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) by Surrogacy Ukraine

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) can be termed as one of the best diagnosis in order to detect any kind of genetic defects or chromosomal deficiencies present in the Embryos. It can also be referred to as the best process available to cross check the qualitative factor of the Embryo in relation to any kind of genetic issues coming along during its Progress in the IVF cycle. It also analyzes the appropriate assessment of an embryo which further clarifies the picture of the Embryo collection of chromosomes along with their count Embryo count.

During the same process, Doctors are equipped to detect any type of issue or deficiency carried by the genes which is expected to be transferred to the embryo created and developed during the IVF treatment and further taking all the required measures to stop its growth in the due time.

Why PGD is so significant during the IVF Treatment?

  • PGD is the most suitable option when it comes to keep a check on various health issues in women which have gone with Multiple IVF tests
  • It also comes over as the best diagnosis to carry out in terms of women which have gone through recurrent miscarriages.
  • When it comes to diagnose the women in their mid thirties for any type of genetic deficiency, PGD comes as the best option.
  • It also comes good for women which have undergone numerous embryo transfers without attaining pregnancy.
  • All those women which are undergoing disturbed genetic and chromosomal count during their pregnancy period can get benefitted while getting diagnosed with PGD.
  • Patients with specific gene mutations can also get benefitted by PGD as while left without any treatment, this can negatively impact the future child.

Benefits of PGD Treatment

  • You can easily diagnose and treat specific genetic disorders and chromosomal defects which might cause big trouble to the patient during her pregnancy journey.
  • PGD also facilitate the pre- implantation process of embryo into the woman’s uterus and further ensure a safe and secure delivery of the child henceforth
  • The Born child would be coming without any genetic defects and flaws whilst PGD is used during the same
  • PGD also helps you eradicate any sort of defects in the Parental genes while keeping a check on the same in the given time.

Why you must choose Surrogacy Ukraine for PGD?

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