IVF and Fertility Solutions

IVF and Fertility solutions by Surrogacy Ukraine

Infertility has corrupted the happiness in the lives of thousands of couples around the world and deprived them from getting along with the feeling of “Parenthood” in the process. On the other hand, IVF has come up as the best available solution for all the Infertility related issues but the presence of limited number of IVF centers around the world has only worsen the situation for all those people.

At Surrogacy Ukraine, we have helped over 600 couples from across the globe in attaining their dream of Parenthood with the help of all the best in class IVF techniques and Medical Professionals around. We deliver a big range of IVF and related treatment services which comprises of ICSI, PGD/PGS, Embryo Scope, Cryopreservation, FET, TESE, Endometrial Coculture, and Assisted Embryo Hatching.


This process includes the injection of spermatozoa into the egg in order to help it in further development. Thereafter, the embryos which have been derived gets cultivated further for a period of three to four days, before transferring them into the women’s womb, or preserving them for future usage by cryopreservation.


PGD: Pre-implantation genetic testing is used in order to diagnose definite eggs and/or embryos to check them for any type of genetic disorders.

PGS: Pre-implantation genetic screening is one of the other main processes which can be used to monitor eggs and/or embryos to diagnose them further for any type of chromosome abnormalities.


EmbryoScope TLM (Time lapse) is largely been brought in use to ensure the proper development of embryos during the IVF cycles.


The Oocytes which have been derived during the fertility preservation treatments with the embryos developed out of in vitro fertilization cycles gets preserved for future use with this process.

FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

The Embryos which have been secured with the help of cryopreservation gets defrosted here and hence forth gets transferred into the women’s uterus at the appropriate time menstrual cycle.

Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction (micro-TESE)

During this process, the sperms are retrieved micro surgically from the testicles and it often comes as a great option for all the people who are suffering from infertility issues with low or bad quality sperm count.

Endometrial CoCulture

Autologous endometrial coculture (AECC or, simply, coculture) is another very effective IVF technique which is used to ensure normal embryo development and a healthy pregnancy cycle for the Women during the process.

Assisted Embryo Hatching

This is another significant treatment process which is used along with the IVF cycle and just prior to the embryo transfers. During the same, the embryologist uses a laser to thin the zona pellucida (embryo’s outer shell) and support the embryo in order to let it shack its cell coat and insert it further (attach to the uterus).