International Surrogacy Arrangements

Surrogacy has come over as the most feasible arrangement for all those couples who either couldn’t conceive due to their Infertility issues, or don’t want to bear a child all by themselves due to career aspirations or other random reasons. Moreover, the process involves a Surrogate mother bears the child in her womb for the Intended parents during the arrangement in return of some monetary compensation.

Additionally, when it comes to International Surrogacy, it’s been referred to as an arrangement where the intended parents look forward for a Surrogate mother from another country. The Arrangement could wither be altruistic or a commercial arrangement depending upon the needs and requirement of the Intended Parents. While An Altruistic Surrogacy brings on an arrangement where the Surrogate mother would be receiving the agreed monetary compensation from the intended parents in return to her Surrogacy services, she is not entitled to make any profit out of the same in the process.

On the other side, Commercial surrogacy comes as a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother would be making appropriate profits after covering all the medical and legal expenses during her Surrogacy journey.

Issues towards International Surrogacy Arrangement

  • The Intended parents might be coming through a number of issues while filing for the legal parenthood for the child
  • The Child which will be getting the birth would be deemed as stateless as it won’t be having any legal parents
  • There would also be issues for the Intended parents while filing for the Legal parenthood and Immigration process for the child.
  • This could also come under the Criminal Offense act when the surrogate would be from another country

Although people look forward for the Surrogacy arrangement with lot of expectations, it all depends on the kind of Surrogacy agency you are dealing with.

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