Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy by Surrogacy Ukraine

Infertility has stressed up thousands of couples around the globe with its ill effects in the past few years and people around have often gone for alternatives like IVF treatment and Surrogacy arrangements as a result. Moreover, when it comes to going about Surrogacy, gestational surrogacy has come over as the most preferred option for thousands of couples around the world.

Gestational surrogacy is been referred to a Surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother won’t be sharing the genetics with the child she is bearing in her womb for the nine months period. Moreover, the whole process also includes further progress and development in regards to the embryo with the help of In vitro fertilization (IVF) process while bringing in use the eggs and sperm retrieved from the intended parents or donors, and then getting the same placed to the uterus of the Surrogate Mother.

Moreover, both of the intended parents involved would hereby be genetically connected with the child during the Surrogacy arrangement unlike the Surrogate mother and this is the biggest reason why this type of Surrogacy arrangement is so popular across the globe.

How does the Process of Gestational surrogacy works?

Additionally, the process goes further while looking around for a Surrogate, getting along with all the legal proceedings and then getting the embryo transferred to the uterus of the Surrogate mother.

Still, it usually depends on the Intended parents whether they would like to go ahead with all the above mentioned procedures on their own or would like to hire a Surrogacy agency for the same purpose. In that case scenario, they also need to bring along an attorney specialized in assisted reproductive law in order to stay on par with all the legal implications of the Surrogacy arrangement. Still, most of the people who look forward to a Surrogacy arrangement prefers to go ahead with a Surrogacy agency in order to let the agency takes care of all the co-related procedures during the Surrogacy journey whether it’s about finding the Surrogate, screening them and taking care of all the legal prospects.

Why Surrogacy Ukraine is best for Gestational Surrogacy services?

Surrogacy Ukraine is a subsidiary of the Become parents group which got established in 2007 and has helped more than 600+ couples while making them realized their dreams of having a “baby on Board”. While being based outside the Kiev city, we also have our global outreach to other parts of the globe like Australia, China, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, US, Israel, UK, Spain, Canada & NZ.

We have further partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and Surrogacy agencies in the Kiev city in order to bring only the best services on board for our valued clients worldwide.